The Body/Mind connection

A dialogue with your body/mind field using muscle testing and dowsing enables access to data, giving an insight into your emotional, mental and physical state.

Corrective procedures are then used to bring the electro-magnetic body/mind field back to 100% electrical potential using a harmonic number (in accordance with universal-harmony). The zero point energy field responds to focused intent bringing the body/mind field back to balance, thereby facilitating self healing.

QK energy balancing works with the subtle bodies, all the chakras, all dimensions and all DNA, bringing the body/mind field back into alignment with soul consciousness and soul purpose as we integrate the new energy frequency for our evolutionary progress.

'The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.'
- Bruce H Lipton -

The Session

You remain fully clothed and lying on a treatment couch. Muscle testing is carried out giving bio-feedback. The QK process can take between 2-4 sessions.


First session (90 mins) £65

Following sessions (60mins) £50 per session

Quantum Kinesiology

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Tel: 07817 207454


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