Holistic Healing Centre, located in the heart of Seaton, Devon, bringing together a team of independant experienced therapists, offering a range of holistic therapies to enhance your health and wellbeing. 

Claire Harding
Quantum Kinesiology - Reflexology - Reiki Healing & Attunements - Indian Head Massage - Hopi Ear Candles

Claire qualified in Aromatherapy in 1997 and Reflexology in 1998. She achieved diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, Massage, Aromatherapy & Reflexology from the Interntional Therapy Council. Claire has studied Reiki in the first, second and third Degree and also developed her reflexolgy skills by training with Lynne Booth in Vertical Reflex Therapy. In 2004 she became one of the first qualified Neuro-Reflexologists in the UK after training with Belgian Physiotherapist and Neuro-Reflexologist Nico Pauly. 

In 2010 Claire moved her practice to Seaton & founded ‘It’s Crystal Clear’ bringing together independent holistic practitioners, offering a variety of treatments. In 2017 Claire qualified in an exciting new therapy, Quantum Kinesiology.

Peter Steedman
Intuitive Therapy

Peter Steedman is a spiritual intuitive therapist who draws on over 25 years of professional experience and different teachings to help heal the emotional bruises from life in an effortless but empowering way. Unless these memories are dealt with, the natural 'flow' of the body becomes interrupted and will often manifest as physical symptoms causing distress. As individuals we become fragmented and all healing and therapy is about being 'Whole'. Often in the session you are guided through exercises to heal and then integrate fragmented parts.

Peter is inspired as he works allowing him to find and then dissolve unconscious energy blocks and then help the client to develop ways to be grounded and balanced. 

Peter also teaches Spiritual and personal development classes as well as workshops on a regular basis at the clinic.


Kerry Wratten
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Kerry combines what are probably the two most popular forms of traditional acupuncture today. Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is well suited to treating a wide range of physical, mental and emotional symptoms and the 5-Element style, which focuses mainly on treating the many physical and mental conditions that can stem from an underlying imbalance in the energies that flow through us, thereby bringing about profound changes in a person's sense of well-being. 


Samantha Davey
Hypnotherapy - BWRT

Clinical Hypnotherapist approved by the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the General Hypnotherapy Register.

From time to time we all want to make changes in our lives…perhaps you want to sleep better, overcome anxiety or feel more confident. Maybe you’re trying to lose weight or struggling to cope with persistent pain. Or you wish to change something as deeply embedded as a phobia or an unwanted habit. Hypnotherapy can help with all this and more.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, enjoyable and proven therapy that can help with a wide range of conditions and issues. Most people find hypnotherapy a deeply relaxing, calming and up-lifting experience that can lead to transformation in many areas of life. All that’s required is an open mind, desire to change, belief that this is possible and willingness to fully participate. I treat every client as the unique individual you are, tailoring therapy to suit your needs. I’m committed to supporting people to live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives and I focus on empowering my clients – providing skills and knowledge, including self-hypnosis, which will be transferable skills for life.



Rose-Marie Gibbs
Kinesiology - Nutrition & Diet - Counselling & Change Work - Reiki Healing


Ana Maria Pavani
Hot Stone Massage - Reflexology - Massage - Reiki - Crystal Therapy - Hopi Ear Candles - Organic Facial - Meditation

Stress management and self-care are key elements of my work. Holistic Massage therapies, energy unclogging and energy replacement are excellent tools for relieving headaches, migraines, back pain and chronic pain (such as fibromyalgia). Balancing energy levels is an effective way of naturally reducing stress and anxiety and bringing you back on track to easily manage day to day life.

I have a special interest in supporting people through stressful and traumatic times which often affect health and result in physical, mental and emotional symptoms of anxiety; depression; digestive disorders; fatigue; irritable bowel syndrome; insomnia, etc. 

A holistic approach in consultation and treatment differs from the conventional. Instead of focusing on a specific diagnosis, we take into account all factors which have the potential to affect health. These include lifestyle, environmental influences, stress factors, diet, medical history, sleep patterns and past traumas. My treatments are individually tailored to improve all symptoms which cause discomfort.


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